Headache Pain Relief Treatment with Magnatech Magnet Necklace

Dear Dr. Bakst, At age 12, I was diagnosed with Arnold Chiara Syndrome, a gross bone deformity in the base of the skull. I had brain surgery at that time and all my symptoms prior to surgery disappeared other than my headache. I have had a headache everyday of my life since that surgery and at least once a month or so I get what I call my "bad headache" which effects my vision, equilibrium and I get a lot of nausea and vomiting. I can always tell its coming because it starts with a pain in my left ear. Sometimes prescription pain medicine will help and other times I end up in the hospital...Well one day while working for a new Doctor who sub-leased a space out of Dr. Bakst's office, I wasn't feeling to well and Dr. Bakst's office manager asked me what was wrong. I told her my story and she suggested I try one of Dr. Bakst's magnet necklaces. She told me all about them and gave me some on formation to read. I thought, why not, I had nothing to lose. I DID lose something. After wearing the necklace for about n hour I noticed my earache was gone and I had no real symptoms of my "bad headache." I was amazed and after wearing the necklace for a few days the dull headache I always have was gone and has not returned. I tried not wearing the necklace for a few days and after day three my left ear started to hurt. I wasted no time putting my necklace back on! I really don't understand how it works, but I feel great! Melanie D.La Quinta, California