Drug Free Means To Alleviate Headache and Migraine Headache

BY Dr. Bakst Magnetics

There is nothing more distressing nor incapacitating than a throbbing headache, especially a migraine headache.  Any throbbing headache can cause not only discomfort, but disability as well. This is associated with inability to concentrate and to work as well.

Migraine headaches are especially disabling, they are chronic headaches that can cause significant pain for hours or even days.  Symptoms can be so severe that all the individual can do is to find a dark quiet place to lie down, and rest.

Some migraines are accompanied by sensory warning symptoms or signs  (auras) such as blind spots, flashes of light, or tingling in the arms or legs. It can be associated with nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light.

Although there is no cure, medications are frequently resorted to. If this treatment has not been effective (and it frequently is not), it is worthwhile to try a drug free means to alleviate the headache and migraine.

Since headaches, and especially migraines are caused by a neurotransmission mechanism, they can almost invariably be alleviated by magnetic therapy, if utilized properly.  Neurotransmission is the flow of magnetically positive charged ions.  A strong negative magnetic field can be most effective in impeding that ionic flow, and thereby alleviate the neurogenically caused headache. We (Dr. Bakst Magnetics) have developed an extremely powerful neodymium magnet necklace, which is capable of alleviating the headache within several minutes. It is worn around the neck, is the most powerful magnet available, and it is most effective.  It has been tested by multiple individuals as well as a patient physician, all of whom were highly pleased with the almost instantaneous relief of the headache.

If worn daily, it has been demonstrated that it will even prevent the occurrence, and the severity of a headache. Just wear an attractive, but somewhat heavy necklace (due to the weight of the neodymium magnet), and just imagine: No Headache. NO MIGRAINE!

We have also developed a magnetic headband with strong neodymium unipolar magnets, with the negative pole placed against the head for those individuals who are reluctant to wear a necklace. This can invariably relieve the headache within several minutes to an hour