Cancer Prevention and Reversal


The articles citing the successful cure of cancer using strong neodymium magnets by Professor Goesta Wollin and Dr. William H. Philpott, M.D. are appended. Magnatech Labs makes no claim for the validity of using strong magnets in the cure of cancer as written in these articles. The company manufactures strong neodymium magnetic products that conform to the magnets used in the articles, which can be purchased through our web site on the Internet.



Reprint from Magnets In Your Future magazine.

April 1988 Reprinted with permission A Z Printing Company - 4000 HWY 62 Hardy, Arkansas U.S.A. 72542-9550 (870) 856-3041 FAX 856-3590 Info. 856-3164 ARTICLE (Editor's Note: Summary of a 57 page Report presented by G. Wollin on November 20, 1987, at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.) Excerpt taken from MAGNETS, Volume 3, Number 4, April 1988.

"Mrs. Kerstin Westelius had lung cancer of the metastasis type. After years of surgery, therapy and chemotherapy, she was told in June 1987 by her physicians that her cancer was incurable and that she had only 2 more months to live. Here in the picture, she is shown in January of 1988 with her physician, Dr., Erik Enby, who treated her by hanging a Neomax supermagnet around her neck, and with Prof. Goesta Wollen of Clyde, N.C., who invented the method of treating cancer with the employment of supermagnets. Since July of 1987 more than 50 cancer patients in Sweden and America have been treated - all successfully." Because of the recent invention of a supermagnet with great strength and a minute size, three breast cancer patients have been cured by a method, which will revolutionize the field of cancer treatment. One of the patients had breast cancer of the metastasis type; that is, the cancer had transplanted into tissue distant from the site of the original cancer. The technique we used strongly indicates that all kinds of cancer can be cured by this method. The super energy permanent magnet we use in our project has a maximum energy of up to 35,000,000 gauss-oersteds. This strength of the supermagnet is the world's record in commercial production, according to the prestigious American Journal "SCIENCE." It is made of iron, boron and neodymium, one of the rare metals. It is brand-named Neomax. The Neomax supermagnet was recently -1983 - invented by the Sumitomo Special Metals Company of Japan. This company also commercially produces it. The size of the Neomax supermagnet that was used in the cancer project is approximately the size of an American quarter. It is smaller than a Swedish krona. It weights 30 grams, which is approximately 1 ounce. The supermagnets for Professor Wollin were made to his specifications. Professor Wollin received, as a generous gift, 30 Neomax supermagnets from the Sumitomo Special Metals Company of Japan. Each one of the women with breast cancer who participated in the project had a supermagnet hanging around her neck for about 4 months, with the north polarity of the magnet directed toward the body. The results indicate that our method can cure all types of cancer. If we had positioned the magnets on the tumor, we would not have known this. But since we hung a supermagnet around the neck of each patient, it indicates the supermagnets influence the whole body. Of importance is healthy tissue surrounding a cancer tumor is not harmed by a supermagnet because healthy cells have different electromagnetic potential than cancer cells. Of great importance is that we can suggest a mechanism; that is, what is happening when a supermagnet is trying to eliminate a malignant tumor. The mechanism is based on Wollin's recent discovery of a universal spiral theory. Wollin discovered that spirals are found throughout nature, from the galaxies, each one consisting of hundreds of billions of stars, down to the basic shape of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), the bodies' ultimate genetic material. The miraculous molecule that makes a mouse a mouse or a human-being a human being. DNA exists in every chromosome in every cell of every individual. We propose that magnetism and cancer cells are spirals on different scales. When super magnetism is applied to cancer tumors, the magnetic spirals, being larger, are dominating, and at the end, kill the smaller cancer cell spirals. The successful result of our cancer treatment project is a consequence, of more, than 400 years of research in the fields of electromagnetotherapy and diseases. Electromagnetotherapy needs to be clarified because in the literature the term's electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, etc., are used to describe the same process. We use only the term electromagnetotherapy because Maxwell showed that electricity and magnetism are two aspects of the same entity, electromagnetism. In a book chapter entitled "About Magnets and Their Wonderful Ability to Help in the Cure of All sorts of Diseases" by Paracelsus, he writes, for example, that he found the use of magnets to be of great value for the cure of epilepsy. He recommends that 4 magnets be placed on the stomach and 4 on the back. So far Nordenstrom has treated with electromagnetotherapy 80 patients with breast and lung cancer tumors. His treatment has regressed or killed the tumors in most of the 80 patients. Nordenstrom's treatment of cancer tumors consists of inserting a long needle into the center of a tumor and another needle in normal tissue. The needles are platinum electrodes. The electrode in the tumor is positive and the other negative. Wires are hooked to both electrodes and are connected to a direct electric current processor. The electric current is turned on and is increased in successions from 0 to 10 volts. The treatment has begun. It is important that our method for curing cancer uses only one magnet. Before we started the project, described in this report, we surmised we needed two magnets - one on each side of the tumor. We succeeded in our treatment of cancer with one magnet because a human being is like a magnet. That humans are electromagnetic was suggested in 1926 by the eminent American surgeon and electromagnetotherapist George Crile in his book "A Bipolar Theory of Living Processes" and in 1983 by the eminent radiologist and cancer researcher Bjorn Nordenstrom in his book "Biological Electric Circuits: Clinical, Experimental and Theoretical Evidence for an additional Circular System". It is very important we have developed a new method for curing cancer because cancer is increasing everywhere. For example: 1) In Japan there are more than 300,000 new cases of cancer each year; 2) In the United States the cancer mortality rate is increasing each year so that in 1986 cancer killed over 460,000 people; 3) In Sweden, during the last 20 years, there was an increase of 52% of cancer cases reported by the Swedish Socialstyrelsen on October 23, 1987. In summary, when someone has cancer, in general there are three ways of trying to eliminate the malignant tumor from the body. Surgery is one possibility. Another possibility is to kill the cancerous cells with radiation; that is, radiotherapy, which, of course, also is electromagnetotherapy. The third option is to kill the cancerous cells with drugs; that is, chemotherapy. The drawback with these treatments is that they damage healthy cells, too. We suggest another option: electromagnetotherapy with the employment of supermagnets. This type of treatment does not damage healthy cells because healthy cells have different electromagnetic potential than cancer cells. It is a new approach to the treatment of cancer, the first since chemotherapy began more than 40 years ago.

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Cancer is a major cause of death in the United States.  Cancer is the leading cause of death in the United States under the age of 54.  Cancer incidence increases with age.  So far there has been no completely effective method of preventing or controlling cancer incidence.  In the past 36 years, cancer has increased 36%.  Two leading contributing factors to cancer are smoking and diet.  Colorectal cancers are the most common cause of cancer in the industrial world.  Less than one-third of the patients with colorectal cancer will survive five years.  Surgery is the most effective treatment for colorectal cancer while chemotherapy is disappointing.  Breast cancer was the leading cause of death in women until recently when it was surpassed by lung cancer.  Lung cancer is the leading cause of death of both men and women in the United. States.  Cigarette smoking is the major cause of lung cancer.  Skin cancer is the most common type of malignancy.  Seventy-three percent of deaths from skin cancer are from melanomas.  Prostate cancer has a high incidence in men.


There are methods that are under voluntary control, which can reduce the risk factors of developing cancer.  They include such as 1) no use of tobacco, 2) no use, or moderate use of alcohol, 3) optimum nutrition associated with a high fiber diet, 4) optimum exercise, 5) prevention of sunburn or even prolonged exposure to sunshine, 6) prevention and or reverse symptom maladaptive reaction to foods, chemicals or inhalants.Prevention and reversal of maladaptive reactions to foods, chemicals and inhalants has up to the present been a neglected area.  The common denominator biological response to all of these maladaptive reactions is observed to be the production of acid and the reduction of oxygen (acid-hypoxia).  This is highly significant since cancer can only develop in a tissue state of acid hypoxia.  Tissue injuries are also acid-hypoxic.  Insect sting and reptile bites are also acid-hypoxic.  Microorganism infections (viral, fungal, bacterial, parasitic) are also acid-hypoxic.  Since cancer can only develop in acid-hypoxic tissues any state producing acid-hypoxia is cancer promoting.


Traditionally cancer is viewed as a multiple diseases with multiple causes and requiring multiple types of treatment of reversal.  The reason for this is that there are multiple known carcinogens, multiple promoting causes, multiple tissue types of cancer and no single therapy (chemotherapy, hormone or surgery) agent effective in all cancers.The view that I have been lead to accept is that cancer is a single disease with a single common denominator cause and a single effective treatment.  The single common denominator cause is acid-hypoxia and the single correction of acid-hypoxia is its replacement with alkaline-hyperoxia.  Otto Warburg (1) was given a Nobel prize for demonstrating that acid-hypoxia is the condition necessary for cancer to develop and grow.  Others have confirmed this (2,3).  Otto Warburg considered that there was no disease whose cause was better known.  Despite the fact that his findings are well published and that he considered the correct treatment for cancer was the reversal of acid-hypoxia and that these presentations were made at well established cancer research organizations such as the National Institute of Cancer, his findings have not substantially influenced medical cancer research.  This research continues to look for the toxic agents that can kill cancer before it kills other human cells and to otherwise destroy the cancer by physical means or surgically remove it.M. Rose (4) observed that the energy concentrated by the body to heal or regenerate a limb in a small animal is the energy that heals cancer, this was discovered by implanting cancer at the joint of the limb of a small animal that is known to regenerate a limb and cutting this area.  When the regeneration of that area occurred, the cancer died.Arthur Trappier, etal (5) demonstrated that cancer cells exposed to a negative magnetic field discourages the growth of cancer, cancer cells exposed to the positive magnetic field encourages the growth of cancer.Robert O. Becker (6) demonstrated that it is a negative electromagnetic field (negative magnetic field) that is necessary for healing to occur.  The body concentrates a negative magnetic field at the site of injury for healing.  An external field from a static field permanent magnet or a static field from an electromagnet of this same negative magnetic field will produce the same results as the body concentrating the negative magnetic field at the site for healing.A negative magnetic field acts directly on the bicarbonate buffer system by which a normal alkaline state can be maintained. A negative magnetic field serves as an energy activator for the oxidoreductase enzyme system, which processes free radicals, peroxides, acids, alcohols and aldehydes.  A negative magnetic field releases oxygen from its bound state in these products.  A negative magnetic field provides the necessary alkaline-hyperoxia that is required to reverse cancer.The normal human cell products it’s adenosine-triphosphate (ATP) energy bond by oxidative phosphorylation, which is alkaline and molecular oxygen (alkaline-hyperoxia) dependent.The cancer cells, no matter what type of tissue cells these may be produces their ATP by fermentation, which is acid-hypoxic dependent.  Furthermore, fermentation cannot function in the presence of alkaline-hyperoxia.  Thus the answer for the reversal of cancer is the replacement of acid-hypoxia with alkaline-hyperoxia.  This what Otto Warburg says has to occur in order for cancer to be reversed.The biological response to a static negative magnetic field is the production of alkaline-hyperoxia.   Thus a continuous exposure of the static negative magnetic field to a cancerous lesion reverses cancer.  This irrespective of the type of cancer this might be or what it’s initiating carcinogenic cause may be.  This singular fact of replacing acid-hypoxia with alkaline-hyperoxia reverses cancer.  My observations are that the cancer cells do not revert back to normal cells but instead they die.  Tumors that are still present after treatment with the negative magnetic field have been microscopically examined and found to be no longer neoplastic.  If the tumor is a surface lesion, such as a melanoma, as the cancer tumor dies new skin will grow under the tumor and it will fall off.  When microscopically examined, it is no longer carcinogenic.


Always use a negative magnetic field.LOCAL:The higher the gauss strength, the better.  The more continuous the magnetic exposure, the better.  The longer the duration of exposure, the better.  Neodymium (ceramic or plastiform) magnets have higher gauss strength than the iron oxide plastiform magnets.  The plastiform iron-oxide or neodymium materials can be stacked to increase the gauss strength.The size of the magnetic field needs to be larger than the lesion being treated.  The larger the magnetic field, the deeper it’s penetration.PLACEMENT AND DURATION:Place the negative poled field of a static field permanent magnet directly over the cancerous lesion.  The magnetic field needs to be larger than the lesion being treated. The 4x6x12” ceramic magnetic field penetrates deep enough to treat internal organs.  The duration is 24-hours a day for a minimum of 3 months and in some cases may need to be longer.  There can be brief periods of removal for taking a bath, etc.  The subject should also sleep on a magnetic bed pad.  Over this bed pad should be placed an egg crate type foam pad.  If the breast have any sore areas, they should also be treated during the daytime by using a 5x6 inch multi-magnet flexible mat or a 5x12 inch multi-magnet flexible mat.  It would be well to place a super neodymium disc magnet on top of this mat directly over the sore area or a ceramic disc, which is 1 1/2 x 3/8 inch on top of the mat directly over the sore area.


Otto Warburg was right in his assessment that cancer requires fermentation in an acid-hypoxic medium in order to develop.  Otto Warburg was right in stating research in cancer prevention and reversal should focus on alkaline-hyperoxia replacing acid-hypoxia.  This is the same as saying that the biological abnormal production of ATP by fermentation needs to be replaced by the normal production of ATP by oxidative phosphorylation.  Otto Warburg was right in assuming that fats could increase oxidation and thus reverse cancer. Dr. Johanna Budwig was right in following up on Otto Warburg’s work using cis levofats and levosulphur containing amino acids to increase oxidation.M. Rose was right in observing that the magnetic energy concentrated in the body to heal and regenerate a limb in a small animal is the energy that heals cancer.Robert Becker was right in observing that the positive electromagnetic field is the biological signal of injury and that the electromagnetic negative field governs healing.  This magnetic negative field healing effect also applies to cancer reversal (healing).Albert Roy Davis was right in observing that the biological response of exposure to a negative magnetic field is the production of alkaline-hyperoxia.  Albert Roy Davis was right when he observed the reversal of cancer by exposure to a negative magnetic field.Kenneth McClain was right 22 years ago when he described to me the reversal of cancer with the use of magnetic field therapy.  He phoned me stating he had some amazing findings he wished to describe to me.  I was passing through New York City with a layover between planes.  He came to the airport and enthusiastically described to me the reversing of cancer using static field magnetics.  We have all been wrong and Otto Warburg was right.  The cure for cancer is the replacement of acid-hypoxia with alkaline-hyperoxia.


  • I am convinced that magnetic therapy for cancer will become established as a first choice.  This will require sufficient, tightly controlled research statistics, which are published in peer review journals. This is a prolonged and costly process, which is in process.   Current studies provide convincing information giving the rational for direction but have too many variables to satisfy critics.
  • Single isolated (non-metastatic) lesions are easily treatable with a high degree of success.
  • Obstructional  lesions and metastatic lesions limit success.


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