Clinical Test of Magnetic Mattress Pads

Clinical Test of Magnetic Mattress Pads

By Dr Kazuo Shimodaira


The mattress pads used in this study were typical full-size pads containing 124 permanent ferrite magnets with magnetic field strengths of 750-950 gauss each. The pads themselves were made of two sheets of felt with the magnets sandwiched between them. The felt sheets were then wrapped in a cloth cover. The total number of subjects of this double-blind clinical experiment was 431 (216 male, 215 female). 375 subjects were given the magnetic pads, 56 were given nonmagnetic pads. None of the 431 subjects knew which pad they were sleeping on. Subjects selected for the experiment were those with chief complaints related to: neck and shoulder pain, back and lower back pain, back pain (general), lower limb pain, insomnia, fatigue.

To determine the presence of any side effects, blood pressure, hemoglobin, number of erythrocytes, and number of leukocytes were examined before and after the use of the mattress pads. Besides blood sedimentation, TP, COL, ALP, GOY, GPT, NA, and K were also examined, as were functions of the kidneys, liver, pancreas, and the entire circulatory system.



  Symptom               Cases  Positive Results %  No Results Results %


Neck and shoulder pain      66      47    71.2         19   28.8

Back and lower back pain    76      61    80.3         15   19.7

Back pain (general)         31      25    80.7         6    19.3

Lower limb pain             68      54    79.4         14   20.6

Insomnia                    70      61    87.1         9    12.9

Fatigue                     64      53    82.8         11   17.2

Out of 375 total subjects with symptoms, 301 (80.27%) reported positive results. 74 cases (19.73%) reported no results.


Time of Response

The percentage of subjects who realized the effect of the magnetic mattresspad within 3 days:

Neck and shoulder pain         46.9%

Back and lower back pain       50.0%

Back pain                      38.7%

Lower limb pain                54.4%

Insomnia                       64.3%

Fatigue                        57.8%


Out of 375 total subjects who slept on the magnetic mattresspads, 200 (53.3%) realized the effects within 3 days. Over 70% realized the effects within 5 days.

Testing for side effects was conducted at the conclusion of the experiment. Symptoms such as tinnitus, headache, hearing problems, visual disturbances, vertigo, palpitation, perceptive abnormality, motorial disturbance, fever, digestive disturbance, cutaneous symptoms, and other clinical symptoms to suggest any side effects were found to be totally absent. Extensive testing was also done before and after the experiment to check functions of kidney, liver, pancreas, blood pressure, and the circulatory system. No clinical symptoms were found to indicate any side effects whatsoever.


Dr. Shimodaira's conclusions of this year long study conducted in three of Japan's foremost hospitals: "The magnetized health mattresspad is proven to be effective on neck and shoulder pain, back and lower back pain, lower limb pain, insomnia, and fatigue, and to have no side effects."