MagnaTech Labs, Inc., was founded and established by Dr. Alvin Bakst in 1994. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to researching effective methods of alleviating and eliminating pain in the body without the use of drugs or invasive medical procedures.

Dr. Bakst has rediscovered the ancient, Far Eastern technique of strategically placing strong, unipolar magnets on areas of the body affected by pain and discomfort. Our laboratory tests have proven that strong magnetic polarity, when applied to the body, will dramatically reduce those painful areas that plague your body. Since that time, MagnaTech Labs, Inc. has developed and now manufactures the highest quality of magnetic pain relief products available on the market today. Our products use both ceramic and neodymium magnets, depending upon the location and depth of the affected nerve that is causing your pain. The magnets are placed in supportive neoprene or rigid supports to provide maximum comfort and support for your body. Ceramic magnets are highly effective to reduce and eliminate pain sensations in affected areas. Our Neodymium magnets are even stronger and more effective. Neodymium is a natural magnetic ore found in the earth and is capable of creating a much stronger magnetic force than ceramic magnets can produce. Of course, Neodymium magnets are much more costly than ceramic magnets. Consequently, other companies do not use Neodymium magnets in order to keep their costs and prices down. However, it is our company's policy to create the highest strength magnetic product for maximum effectiveness, regardless of cost. We refuse to compromise the quality of our products and continually strive to provide our customers with the Rolls Royce® of magnetic products.